Things that I Think Other People Are Wrong About: Grammar

Prime Matter

Right now, I feel like writing about grammar. So, without further ado…

The Mainstream Approach: Constituency Grammar

The most common theory of grammar going around these days is constituency grammar, formulated by illustrious linguist and MIT professor emeritus Noam Chomsky.

hate constituency grammar.

So, instead of constituency, I’m going to advocate for another theory that I like better, namely, dependency grammar. Dependency grammar apparently goes all the way back to ancient India, if I remember right. It was either revived or independently discovered again by a guy whose name escapes me, but the voice in the back of my head says he was French.

Now, here’s why I like dependency grammar better than constituency grammar. Constituency grammar analyzes sentences by breaking them up into their constituent parts. So, a sentence is analyzed into a noun phrase + a verb phrase, where the noun phrase is the subject and the verb…

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