Watch your thoughts …

راقب أفكارك لأنها ستصبح أفعال.

راقب أفعالك لأنها ستصبح عادات.

راقب عاداتك لأنها ستصبح طباع.

راقب طباعك لأنها ستحدد مصيرك.

/raaqib ’afkaara-k li-’annahaa sa-tusbiH ’af‘aal/

/raaqib ’af‘aala-k li-’annahaa sa-tusbiH ‘aadaat/

/raaqib ‘aadaat-k li-’annahaa sa-tusbiH ‘Tibaa‘/

/raaqib Tibaa‘-k li-’annahaa sa-tuHadid maSiira-k/

Watch your thoughts because they will become actions.

Watch your actions because they will become habits.

Watch your habits because they will become temperaments.

Watch your temperaments as they will determine your destiny.

By Dr. Abdullah Shaghi 20/10/2014


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