Gratitude A to Z: L is for Love and Light #spreadthelight #gratitude #bepositivehour

It is very wonderful the two-way interaction of love and light that fills the soul of you, me and all human-beings. انه شيء رائع جدا في اتجاهين التفاعل بين الحب والضوء الذي يملأ روحك ، و روحي و روح جميع البشر .

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Love and Light

What fills your soul?

Love and Light fills my soul.

When you have Love and Light in your soul, the darkness flees.

Today I am grateful for having Love and Light. Spread the Light is more than a catchy jingle; it’s how I live my life.

Spread the Light and Darkness has no choice but to run in the other direction!!

Hug those you love today and tell them, “I love you”.

❤ MRS N ❤

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