This Is Not For You #1

The Sixth Circle

Power is the measurement of the difficulty one has in exercising autonomy. We prove we have autonomy by performing actions that are not otherwise forced, coerced, or tricked into happening. That is how we call actions free and hence a construction of “us” and not “others” and thus are said to have autonomy. It’s plausibility or desirability is secondary to this current discourse as it feels real, perhaps the most real to me, in this moment. Having power means telling others what to do, and to do what you want.

Power, for this reason, exists in tiers and in different quantities. This is most real when one considers how easy it is for those in power to still feel under the power of others. Having power exerted on you does not remove your ability to exert power on others. This is important, as autonomy tends to be desired and the limitation we put on…

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