This is Not For You #2

The Sixth Circle

Diversity is a measurement of tension between an individual and its society. Specifically, the tension is caused by difference. This difference can be perceived and felt by either the individual, society, or both. It is not, nor should it be confused with, oppression, which is the systematic response a society or culture has toward someone different to limit their autonomy. Society, in this case, is being used as a shorthand term to refer to a group of individuals who compose the primary system of any given loci. A collection of individuals who, whether they choose to or not, decide the normative value of a given culture from which others are viewed.

Tension has many forms. Anxiety or apprehension are the most inwardly directed responses to tensions while outrage and struggle are the most outwardly directed with a myriad of other response in between. The tension associated with diversity can come from many…

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