Transliteration, and Revival, of Phoenician


One of my many sins include being a linguist and a philologist. My central interest is in Semitic languages, and more specifically, Canaanite languages: Hebrew, Phoenician and (although controversial) Ugaritic.

I desire, as a hobby, to revive the Phoenician language and teach it to Maronites in Lebanon, descendants of the Phoenicians.

In that desire, I do not wish to use the Arabic alphabet because it’s completely foreign to Phoenician and doesn’t have many sounds that Phoenician possesses. The Aramaic alphabet (both Syriac and the one used currently by Hebrew speakers) is also different and foreign to the elegant Phoenician alphabet. Another trouble is the fact that using any abjad, especially the first abjad (the Phoenician alphabet) can be incredibly difficult, as well as the Phoenician abjad does not have punctuation marks or vowel markers.

For these reasons, I desire to revive Phoenician using the Latin alphabet as a basis. Yet…

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