Builders of New Yemen بناة اليمن الجديد

 “Builders of New Yemen”

A Poem by Dr. Abdullah Shaghi

To the 21st English Batch


Today, the line of poetry has appeared in love,

 Today in itself, the graduation be in a mellow.

As long as, came to us from Zabid a Pleiad,

Participating the graduation in a creativity and melodies.

The poetry and the dews ask in wonderment,

Why did this entire crowd come cheerful?

We have come to hearts all of which are passion,

Embracing the glory with achievement and goodness.

From our wishes, we came to give away the congratulations,

For who are nominated “Builders of New Yemen” in an address.

Verily, the souls that have wonderment in their hearts,

Lend a white rose and a basil to the graduation.

Our stars, in the graduation sky, have raised,

For the intention, effort and loyalty in an address.

Truly, the beauty that dresses their intentions is,

The beauty that rejects us for the evil.

What concerns them, it concerns us in return,

 Yawns the hopelessness of it and the hope has come to us.

Not the hopelessness nor the fear is of their habit,

For our endeavors, as equestrians, they have come to us.

Surely, a whisper I read in their eyes,

Saying: “Come on! The seriousness is our endeavors.”

Not the hopelessness nor the fear is of your habit,

 So, build the “Arabia Felix”, the happy Yemen in a land then in a human.

O! Students, your dreams are in a love,

That, for the knowledge, seriousness, and qualification, has enriched us.

As long as in you there are men, you are their cares,

As well as in your bloods, the loyalty has never ever got down.

With the determination, ride the pathway of sciences to,

A wealth with which the glory congratulates you and us.

Verily, the success, which comes without laziness,

Dated in the glory-book, in an address it is.

“بناة اليمن الجديد”

 قصيدة بقلم: د. عبد الله شاغي

الى الدفعة الواحدة والعشرون الانجليزية


بيت القريض تبدى اليوم ولهانا*** فاليوم فيه يكون الحفل نشوانا

اذ جاءنا من زبيد الشعر كوكبة***تشارك الحفل إبداعا والحانا

فالشعر يسأل والانداء في عجب***لمن اتى كل هذا الحشد جذلانا

فقد اتينا قلوبا كلها وله***تعانق المجد إنجازا واحسانا

جئنا نزف التهاني من أمانينا***لمن تسمى “بناة اليمن الجديد” عنوانا

إن النفوس التي في قلبها وله***تضفي الى الحفل نسرينا وريحانا

فقد سمت في سماء الحفل انجمنا***للعزم والجهد والإخلاص عنوانا

ان الجمال الذي يكسو سريرتهم***هو الجمال الذي للشر يأبانا

ما همنا همهم في كل نائبة***تثائب اليأس عنها والامل جانا

لا الياس من طبعهم لا الخوف ديدنهم*** ففي مساعينا قد جاءونا فرسانا

إني لأقرأ همسا في عيونهم ***يقول هيا بنا فالجد مسعانا

لا الياس من طبعكم لا الخوف ديدنكم***فابنوا السعيدة ارضا ثم انسانا

احلامكم أيها الطلاب في شغف ***للعلم والجد والتأهيل أغنانا

مادام فيكم رجال همهم أنتم***وفي دماكم وفاء قط ما دانا

بالعزم فلتمططوا درب العلوم إلى***عز به المجد يهناكم ويهنانا

إن النجاح الذي يأتي بلا كسل***مؤرخ في سجل المجد عنوانا


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